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she understands; she doesn't comprehend

"charge me your day rate
I'll turn you out in kind
when the moon is round and full
gonna teach you tricks that'll blow your mongrel mind
baby doll, I recognise
you're a hideous thing inside
if ever there were a lucky kind it's
you you you you"

- TV on the Radio / "Wolf Like Me"

I'm vegan, tragically un-hip, and I'm in non-sexual love with my cats.

I created this journal so I could join my favourite communities, but I do use it sometimes to write about my life or any random thing that interests me.

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan
adventure games, american dad, animal rights, april ryan, arrested development, awareness, baking, bones, books, boston legal, brigitte fitzgerald, carnivale, cats, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, costuming, crackfic, criminal minds, damn fine coffee, dark angel, daydreaming, dreamfall, dreams, editing, equality, etymology, fallout series, family guy, fanfiction, firefly, freaks and geeks, freckles, fruit, genderqueer, halloween, hands, harold and maude, harry potter, horror films, incestuous innuendos, knitting, lj surfing, long summer afternoons, lost, lycanthropy, monkey island, music, mystery novels, names, ncis, noses, poetry, polyjuice potion, privacy, psychology, psychosexuality, queer, rain on glass, random thoughts, rational thinking, reading, reconstructed clothing, recycling, ripley kicking alien ass, rolling doughnuts, schmendrick the magician, science fiction, sewing, sex, sexuality, slash, sleep paralysis, smallville, star trek, star wars, stargate, stephen king, subtext, supernatural, taking things too seriously, television, tequila shots, terminator, the delete key, the future, the ginger snaps trilogy, the loch ness monster, the longest journey, the night, the sky, the universe, the way books smell, the woods, the x-files, the-healing-power-of-smut, the-healing-power-of-tea, the-smell-of-the-wind-and-sun-in-my-cat's-fur, thrift stores, thunderstorms, trees, trespassing, true crime, twin peaks, ugly betty, understanding, vegan cooking, veganism, walking, walking at night, werewolves, what you're thinking, why so serious, words, zombies